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Lenovo Legion M200 Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

ll be looking at the Lenovo Legion m200 RGB gaming mouse this is a great budget option for a mature beginner PC gamers that would make a fantastic first gaming mouse specially considering its low price so lets take a look First of all the packaging looks great it has a really cool design layout gives it that bit more of a premium look, compared to other budget gaming mouse from other manufacturers the box contents includes a gaming mouse instruction leaflets and  warranty information as this is an entry level gaming mouse there are no additional software or drivers required to set this up, it is straight plug in and play device
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and will be automatically recognized by Windows The aesthetics and ergonomics of the design are very pleasing the mouse is blackColour and has the LEGION logo on the palm rest with a circuit board line pattern design for the RGB back light and pretty much reassembles the look of a high-end gaming mouse probably one of the best-looking budget entry level gaming mouse out there it has an ambidextrous design and can be used either by right-handed or left-handed users a total of five buttons the scroll wheel is clickable and on the fly dpi switch the two thumb button is on the left side of the mouse by default the top one is set to forward button and the bottom one is set to backwards button the two side button functions can be customized in the game program settings as they are on the left side of the mouse this is something that left-handed users may need to consider though it has an ambidextrous design and can be used by left-handed users I believe this mouse will be more suitable and more comfortable for right-handed users due to their side buttons being on the left side of the mouse and there is a slight bit more of a curvaceous feel on the left side of the mouse making it somewhat more comfortable for right-handed users as your thumb rests better on the left side of the mouse than when using it as a left-handed user your thumb rests a bit flatter on the right side of the mouse this may not be a big issue just something that I noticed and probably worth mention in git features multicolored circulating RGB back light that alternates between seven colors red yellow green blue purple pink and sky-blue displaying two to four colors at one time however the RGB backlighting cannot be customized or Se to a specific color so there fore you are stuck with the default alternating color pattern scheme considering that this is a budget Gaming Mouse and the price of it the RGB lighting has a good amount of brightness and vibrancy to it and is very pleasing to look at especially in the dark and still looks great in the daylight
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just a few specs now the Lenovo Legionm200 RGB gaming mouse features 500 FPS frame rate 30 inches per second maximum moving speed and has four dpi settings a 2400 dpi optical sensor with the default set at 1000 dpi you can perform on the fly customization of dpi by pressing the DPI switch to change between different dpi levels the higher the dpi level indicates the higher mouse sensitivity the DPI LED indicator is the light on the scroll wheel and will blink to reflect the sensitivity set so therefore will blink once at 1000 dpi default blinked twice at 1300 dpi blink three times at 1600 dpi and finally blink four times at 2400 dpi the mouse only weighs around 150 grams so does not feel too light or heavy at all this is the kind of weight I prefer on a gaming mouse needs to have a little of weight the side grips look like they are made of rubber but it is actually a textured plastic another great feature about this mouse is the 1.8m fully braided USB cable cord even the USB plug connector itself looks quality with the same type of circuit line pattern as the mouse and the Lenovo Brand etched into the plastic the left click and right click buttons click noise are quieter than other gaming mouses However the two left side buttons are the loudest buttons on this mouse the scroll wheel feels good and has the right amount of resistance although clicking the scroll wheel button takes a bit more force than the left click and the right-click buttons the DPI button is easily accessible and the mouse just feels great in the palms of your hand and this is a really comfortable Mouse for me the weight is just right and a pleasure to use the mouse is recommended to be use don a mouse mat mouse pad and not on any reflective surface this is a great budget Gaming Mouse as long as you don’t need a higher dpi than2400 and don’t mind that the lighting cannot be customized them
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I highly recommend its really like the design not only is a very cool-looking the ergonomics make it very comfortable and a joy to use and considering the price it retails for well under thirty pounds/ dollars it is a must-buy budget first Gaming Mouse thank you  if you would like to ask anything or have any questions please leave it in the comments see you guys on the next one Peace Out.

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